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Social media is all about the trends. Even though having a firm social media strategy is important, including some of the trends once in a while can really boost the profile of your business and gain more customers. Since trends are one of the key factors to a successful social media strategy, be sure to take a look at our own selection. Here are the top social media content trends to include in your social media marketing strategy in the year to come.

Easy shopping

Click-to-call action has been necessary more than ever before – the shoppable post is becoming more and more popular on social media. Now, you can add a buy button to any of your posts, which makes it easier for your customers to reach the website and buy the item. Since the vast majority of internet users also use social media – it’s easy to understand why you should use it to attract more customers/buyers to your website. Some of the leading social media platforms that encourage shopping are definitely Instagram and Pinterest. The reason is quite obvious – users look for inspiration on these platforms, and therefore easily buy products they find along the way.

a person browinsg pictures on a tablet
A good social media strategy makes people shop for products more easily

Influencers continue to be one of the top social media content trends

Even though it’s not a new thing, using the content of influencers to promote your items is continuing in the following year as well. However, the stations have changed a bit. As many of the influencers have grown into stars – with their own products and millions of followers, their services have become more expensive. Often, these fees are unreachable for many smaller businesses and startups. That’s why there’s a new trend of micro-influencers in social media marketing. Compared to social media stars, these people have far lower follower count, yet their impact can be very effective. The reason for this is that these people are often experts in a certain niche and attract followers interested in that particular topic. This way, you may get a lower number of followers, yet you may get more buyers.

Video content

As we can see that platforms like YouTube are one of the leading platforms on the internet, it’s easy to understand that videos are gaining in popularity online. Video communication with users is definitely one of the top social media content trends nowadays. Videos are popular because they are easy to follow and understand and present a realistic picture of a product/service. On Instagram, videos have shown much more popularity in the algorithm of this platform. You can share them as posts, IGTV or stories, which gives you a lot of options and the chance to be interesting and unique.

Retro posts

Video and picture edit has seen a major trend that is becoming more and more popular – retro, grab, light leaks. Anything that resembles old-style cameras is now very popular online and can be used in so many ways, both in pictures and videos. There are many photo edit apps that offer easy to use – and some of them are free, too.

AR – augmented reality

AR is definitely going to be more and more used and belongs to the list of top social media content trends. Apart from playing games and using it for fun, AR will include many other features and help businesses improve their customers’ experience. Trying on clothes before you buy them, looking at how a product will look like on location in your home, etc. – AR will definitely improve the overall internet experience and will be used a lot in the future.

a girl using AR and riding a bike, showing AR as one of the top social media content trends
AR is the future of social media and definitely one of the top social media content trends

Collaboration of brands

Promoting only your own business and brand has been popular in the past years. However, the collaboration content has been more and more interesting and is one of the top social media content trends that will continue to grow. Joining forces with a similar brand can bring you many advantages. As you attract a similar target audience, your business can gain more followers. Also, a brand that promotes a certain lifestyle that followers like, can include your product in promotional posts and attract you more customers. However, be careful when implementing this trend. Collaborations need to make sense and be logical, for the audience to recognize the true connection between the two businesses.

Polished and planned profile page

The aesthetic of Instagram profiles has become very important among successful influencers and businesses. The same way you carefully choose a colour scheme for your website, you should also take care of the social media profile aesthetics. That’s why planning your social media content to create a visually pleasing and therefore a more professional profile page can attract more people to click the ‘follow button’. Try using one of the apps that help you plan your Instagram posts and schedule them in the right order. It’s simple and easy to use!

an instagram profile page showing top social media content trends
Instagram offers a lot of opportunities if you invest your time in it – with our selection of top social media content trends you’ll find it easier.

Live stream videos

Engaging with your audience in live streams will continue to be one of the top social media content trends. This feature creates a more personal atmosphere and encourages communication with your followers. Live videos can be used for product presentations, how-to videos, Q&A about certain products/services, etc. Providing your customers with a complete buying experience will certainly encourage shopping.

Instagram stories

One of the most popular social media features, in general, is Instagram stories. They are easy to create and use, and provide a lot of creative opportunities for businesses and influencers. Millions of people use Instagram stories nowadays, and it is a great chance to promote a product or service. However, it doesn’t end with just uploading a picture. You need to be more creative and make more interesting and animated stories that will make users click and see your complete profile.

As you can see, running a social media profile has become more serious and can bring many benefits. That’s why following some of these top social media content trends will help you grow online and maintain a more professional social media business profile.

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