Simple Ways to Improve Your New Website

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Know your Market

Here are some Simple Ways to Improve Your New Website. Realistically, most websites have a target market and tailoring your ads, products and services to suit market is the starting point for receiving orders and enquires. If you’re offering sustainable clothing, highlight the products environmental benefits and target people who will take an interest in organic brands. Different techniques can be considered, for a jewellery brand, high-quality imagery is essential online, people aren’t willing to spend luxury prices without images that sell it.

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Optimise Your Meta

Each page on your website has a section for metadata, and with this, you can input phrases that you would want your website to show up for on Google. Simply put, it’s how Google reads the content of the pages, and you can add a description to the meta so it offers more detail for users scrolling through Google.

This isn’t a sure thing though, adding meta to your site doesn’t mean you will show up on Google. If Google thinks there are sites with better content or higher authority then they will rank above you naturally. There are apps and paid services you can use to help find the right keywords where the completion is lower and your new website is more likely to rank

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Google rewards websites rich in content: in a recent study done on a cosmetic surgery in Manchester site, it has been seen how impactful creating detailed contents about all the procedures and using keywords you want to rank for was essential to improving the website’s visibility. For websites that aren’t heavy on natural content like a clothing website, setting up a blog and creating weekly/ monthly articles will increase your text/HTML ratio, which is what Google uses to detect content will help. If your website has richer content than others, you will likely move up Google’s organic rankings. You can also have introductions to pages of the site, explain what is included on the pages and even place links to other areas of the website for better user experience.

This is one of the best options for any website getting started on a low budget. In recent months, Google announced that they would be rewarding websites that have fast load speeds, a reasonable level of content and are mobile friendly.

Whether it’s offering a unique, low priced or high-quality product or services it’s important to establish why your customers are going to keep returning and using the techniques mentioned along with your USP will ensure your business thrives for years to come, just remember to keep refreshing the products and marketing strategy, so it doesn’t become stale.

Unpacking businesses and then creating elegant digital solutions is a passion. I actually can’t help myself at times, analysing people’s business and creating answers to questions they have not even asked.

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