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When you set out to create an online presence for yourself or your business, know that your website represents the pinnacle of that endeavor. You need to do everything you can to make sure this website is as engaging as possible. To achieve that, you need to know how people interact with websites in the first place.

Studies show that almost half of all business website visitors go right for the pages containing product or service descriptions. Around a third take a more extended look at the landing page before they browse anything else on the website. Interestingly, a little more than 15% of all users visit the website’s About Us page.

Those who have already worked on optimizing a website for maximum possible traffic and conversions know that 15% is far from negligible when it comes to those metrics. With that in mind, we’ve decided to provide you with a short guide on creating an about us page that will leave you satisfied and your visitors intrigued and wanting to learn more!

Striking The Right Tone

Certain aspects of web design are essential on all pages. Regardless of whether you’re creating an About Us page or a service page, visual appeal is important. However, some elements are more critical on certain pages than others.

For instance, an About Us page has to be crisp and clear. Striking the proper tone of voice with your visitors is as important here as in your sales copy. These days, many people choose the brand or company in a particular niche, based not only on their quality but also on their values and company creed. And these are the people that pay more attention to the About Us page than others. This is the 15% that we’ve talked about initially — people who want to know who you are before learning what you have to offer.

Two people standing next to a “Passion led us here” writing on the sidewalk.
Make sure that you use unique images that show off your company’s spirit.

Considering that, the last thing you want is to stuff your About Us page with lots of technical jargon. You don’t want to show off your expertise here — you want to establish yourself as an entity with which your target audience can empathize.

Even while providing website visitors with necessary information regarding yourself or your company, the text’s tone must be conversational, and the visuals should be warm and relaxed. Don’t be too self-focused here — the About Us page isn’t about telling people what you have to say; it’s about the first impression you leave on your target audience. Avoid being unengaging and cold.

Everything found on your About Us page has to be engaging and easy to read. Feel free to add some personal insights that will humanize your enterprise in the website visitors’ eyes. 

Telling A Story

Regardless of how you feel about learning history, know that creating an About Us page isn’t about creating another page out of a heavy-handed textbook. And no matter how proud you are of your personal journey or your company’s growth, you need to realize something right away. Apart from the most basic facts, most people won’t be interested to learn the details of your company’s history. That’s just the way things are; at the end of the day, people want to purchase products or services from you; their interest in your enterprise stops there. Instead of retelling your brand’s or company’s story in endless detail, make sure that the About Us page tells a short but captivating tale with relevant information. For instance, if your company has been providing services or products for more than ten years, that’s relevant information for new visitors. But that doesn’t mean that they want to learn about how the company grew for each one of those ten years.

A web designer mapping out user interactions on a whiteboard.
Your visitor’s journey on your website will start with the About Us page more often than you think.

Forget about bragging and showing off every little accomplishment. There are separate pages where you can do that in as much detail as you’d like. This is where you establish your first connection with new prospects.

Providing Visual Stimuli

As we’ve already mentioned, web design professionals from WP Full Care know the importance of a website’s visual representation. You can have the most well-rounded copy in the world and be the best service provider in your niche; if your website looks like something that stumbled out of the 1990s, that’s just not going to cut it. Having the right images on your website is incredibly important. Naturally, not having any photos is the first gross mistake, but that’s something people rarely choose to do nowadays anyway. But while creating an About Us page, it’s also important to avoid using stock photos. This is true for your website in general; after all, everyone appreciates uniqueness and originality. However, your About Us page has to be imbued with your own images and visuals — this is the most personal page on your website, and stock photos will only turn people away and make you seem disingenuous.

A product page with a single hero image across the entire screen.
Stark and clear imagery is crucial!

Picking A Font

Designing the proper visuals for your About Us page is about more than picking the right images. Most people don’t realize the importance of choosing the right font in website design. These days, there are more than a few options when it comes to your website’s typography. With that in mind, you need to use that opportunity to tell something more about your brand. The right font is just another aspect of having the right brand voice, so make sure you choose carefully!


As you can see, creating an About Us page that’s truly worth reading isn’t as easy as it may seem; you’re working with a small amount of space and have a lot to say. But if you follow the guidelines that we’ve laid out here, we’re more than confident that your visitors will be intrigued by your presentation!

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