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Now, why is search engine optimization such a big talk when it comes to web pages?

Well, acknowledging the basics of SEO and implementing it should be enough, right? Wrong.

Every minute the internet is shifted into a new sphere for web pages to wrestle who is the strongest amongst each other, and who will win the title to become Google’s world search result champion. Keywords take it all and visibility wins the crowd… Okay, I might have Od’d a little too much on wrestling for a blogger, and so, as we were… here’s a good look at why it is worth considering Reseller SEO services if you need help optimizing your blog.

The ultimate trick to get more visits to your blog post and to a website is by using keywords associated with your brand, product or service through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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However, if you are ranking well on Google, it does not necessarily mean you will be ranking well on Yahoo and Bing. Better yet, it is important to optimize on all three search engines.

Search engine optimization is a “yes I should do” for every marketer out there. By doing it, you are making your web page more visible online, particularly to your audience and potential consumers.

Keeping up with SEO’s top practices can be a confusion to many marketers, which is why it is important to have the appropriate tactics needed to tackle your market, with careful keywords.

Note, we are not saying after reading this blog you will become an SEO expert. Thus, your SEO skills and your website or blog page’s visits will improve drastically, it needs to be clear that in order to transform your website using perfect SEO tactics you will need help from experts like the Nashville SEO professionals.

Kicking the backside of SEO on your blog content

Have you ever heard of keyword stuffing? That is when you have too many keywords in place. And according to search engines, it can hurt your algorithm ranking.

Focus on one or two keywords. At least two keywords for each post is necessary. This will help you to keep a goal focused for your blog post.

 “No matter how optimized your post is, if no one is searching for what you’re saying, no one will find you.” Alexandra Skey, Spokal: Content Marketing Made Simple.

Your market research for each blog and keyword is important.

Adding the keywords into your post

By incorporating your keywords into your blog, it increases the chances of your post being ranked higher on search results. Try to include your keyword(s) in your URL, headline, meta-data description, category, and headers.

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By including your keyword into the first 65 characters of your blog’s title, it becomes easier for searchers to find your title online. After 65 characters, Google cuts the rest of the title, and so, if you going to have a long title, include your keyword first.

Include your keyword in the body and header(s) of your blog. Do not force it, keep it normal and easy to read.

When using WordPress or an SEO tool such as Yoast SEO, you are able to edit the URL of your blog, hence, it is an advantage to adding your keyword.

The more engaging your meta-description, the better the click rates. Keep a simple meta-description, straight to the point and with the keyword intact.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

There are more people on mobile and tablets who read blogs than there are on a desktop.

By making your website mobile friendly, it becomes easier for Google to display it as a mobile friendly site and for your blog to be ranked higher on the search results.

All of InsideMan Digital Media’s designed websites are responsive and user-friendly.

Since Google introduced the latest algorithm updates in March 2016, all your search results on mobile should be displayed according to mobile friendly websites with powerful keywords first.

Adding keywords to your images

Optimizing your images does not only make it easier and faster for your website, it also helps with search ranking.

Unlike humans, computers scan and see images differently, by adding an alt text to your image(s), it becomes searchable on search engines and easier to read for people with eyesight difficulties.

Adding your keywords to your images may sound like it’s nothing really important, hence, changing your images title from “IMG12345″ to your keyword, it saves Google the mess of guessing and helps when visitors search online.


Strengthen all your URLs to help your visitors

We had a similar problem with one of our affiliate advertiser’s URL  the other day, instead of it being the title or the keyword, it was a random long number.

When visitors would search for the blog online, the search rankings would rank it much lower than usual. Hence, when we changed the permalink to the post title, it ran smoothly and increased in the search results.

Link to internal posts

It helps a lot to link to internal posts now and then, particularly if you don’t share your own content, who will?

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool that has given access to the unknown to become well known, for the right reasons, hopefully. Better yet, should you be hosting a forum on your website or on Twitter, then your internal link should be linked to your forum or to a post related to your latest Twitter article.

Google’s Free Search Console

One of the best tools to increase traffic to your blog post from Google has to be Google’s search console

Google’s search console is ultimately free, yet the work it does for your website or post is beyond this world. We tried this out a year ago, and for every blog post, we’ve been growing at a superb rate, it’s unbelievable.

In conclusion, by optimizing your blog, website and posts with your category and keyword(s), it becomes easier for you to be seen and ranked higher online. The results will not show immediately, however, by uploading blogs frequently and optimizing every blog, title, image and your meta-description, results will show with a higher traffic and more clicks to your website.


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