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October 9, 2018
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Deon Fialkov , Owner of the blogging platform 777 Productions  777 Productions has decided to utilise social-media for the power it can be – to help people. He has created many hashtags for good purposes.




and his most popular


He chose Monday for every single day of the week because many users were creating their own confession hashtags to try to capture his market. He did get notified by some concerned individuals that the other confession holders/creators had a different agenda to his ie. they wouldn’t give their full name or anything that personally identified themselves.

DEON FIALKOV on the other hand guarantees 100 % anonymity of anyone sending a confession unless they specify the confession as public. All information pertaining to personally identify the person gets removed: profile photo, twitter username, any platform they’re using – their mobile number.

Also DEON FIALKOV does not post anything that is illegal. ie. He won’t post a confession that promotes REVENGE-PORN

which seems to be quite the popular hiccup to do online.


EVERYONE is welcome to follow DEON FIALKOV on instagram



Lastly his slogan sums him up perfectly 777 PRODUCTIONS IS YOUR WINNING COMBINATION





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