Is Retail Suffering From eCommerce?

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Business | 0 comments

In 2019, with all the big eCommerce portals available, it’s quite easy to understand how retail (done the “traditional” way) has been changing following many of the trends eCommerce has developed. It’s important, in today’s business era, to understand how and why businesses worldwide have been approaching eCommerce strategies, whether if they are focused on quick results or longer-term digital marketing strategies like SEO. With this being said, is the whole retail world actually suffering from eCommerce or is it just an exaggeration? Let’s analyse the matter in more detail.

Quick Wins

The whole purpose of eCommerce marketing strategies is basically related to the usage of different approaches to guarantee quick wins. For example, imagine having a store with a lot of products which are very likely to perform well online, setting up a store to sell them would be ideal right? That’s why designer furniture companies like Arighi Bianchi, IKEA and more transposed their whole physical store to a virtual one, to guarantee themselves a big ROI with (almost) no initial investment.

The Amazon Example

Following what said above, Amazon is a great example of how things should be following certain eCommerce approaches. Amazon embraced retailers worldwide who had a great products selection but weren’t able to set up an online portal by themselves, by creating the biggest affiliate marketplace in the world. Amazon is the prototype of how companies should operate in terms of translating from traditional retailing to eCommerce.

The Evolution of The Matter

In the future, it has been stated how over 98% of the retailing-related businesses worldwide will use eCommerce-related strategies. This is quite big, and it will definitely state the future of retailing, which (as said above) will move towards eCommerce exclusively. With new technologies such as machine learning and more business-related, this isn’t hard to understand.

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