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The introduction of virtual internships in South Africa

Internships are a key program for students to attain workplace experience. Virtual Internships, or eInternships, are a program whereby the intern gains experience working from anywhere, where there’s internet access, besides the job location.

The introduction of social media has paved a solid way forward, for the advantageous use of technology.

Managers and supervisors utilise video networking (Facebook & Skype etc.), instant messaging (WhatsApp), webinars, and various project management tools such as Hubspot or LogMyHours to keep on track with the intern.  

In our second year of Journalism school, we were allowed to partake on online courses, in order to gain more understanding with regards to the ever changing media. It’s a less formidable, yet educational journey in which I believe all or at least most University programs should introduce.

Virtual Internships, The introduction of virtual internships in South Africa, InsideMan Media

Virtual internships should be accessible to anyone, anywhere.

There are a variety of virtual internship programs. The most common virtual internships are in the fields of:

  1. Information Technology,
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  3. Journalism, Media & Writing,
  4. Public Relations,
  5. Marketing,
  6. Human Resource Management,
  7. Video Creation,
  8. Editing,
  9. Digital & Graphic Design,
  10. And Event planning, to name a few.

A chat we had at the office the other day developed around a new intern. We brainstormed ideas with regards to a virtual intern. We work with social media and websites all the time, to have a virtual intern would be beneficial in the future.

Virtual Internships, The introduction of virtual internships in South Africa, InsideMan Media

Never give up, you’re a step away from winning it all, stay grinding.

The more South Africa has access to the internet, the more our education system revolutionises. However, the use of social media and the internet has not been too productive. Which is part of our duty as an organisation to educate and train more people about the good value of social media.

Feel like you’re being left behind? Don’t be, send us an email and we’ll assist you ASAP.