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Kindly note that some version of Android may differ slightly
Step 1
To get started on setting up email on your Android phone.
Click “Settings” in your menu and then User Accounts
click on Email
Account Settings

click “Add Account”. Ensure you choose to add an “Other” account (Preventing your emails from a different account to be overridden, should you have one email existing already)
Add your full email address and password
click Sign in

Click “Manual Setup”
Step 2
Select “POP3”. Then Click next.
Step 3
Fill in your full email address as your username, enter your password.
For Server type in “”
Port : 110
Security Type : none
Click “Next”

Step 4
Type in your outgoing mail server ; “”. Port : 587. Security type: none.
Then click “next”.

Step 5

Change your settings to suit your needs, then click “next”

Step 6
Change the name that will display as your Account Name for your email address.
Click “next”. Your settings will be tested and your email will then be successfully created.
If not, revise all your email credentials and ensure you enter the right details, then test again.


On the iPhone, tap Settings.
Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Tap Add Account.
Tap Other.
Tap Add Mail Account.
Complete the Name, Address (email address), Password and Description fields.
Click Next.
Ensure IMAP is selected.
Enter your incoming mail server information:

Hostname is
Username is your full email address
Password is the same password used to access webmail

Enter your outgoing mail server information:

Hostname is
Username is your full email address
Password is the same password used to access webmail

Tap Next.
The phone will attempt to Verify the server identity. If you receive the Cannot Verify Server Identity alert click Details (If you get an SSL alert see Step 15).
Next select Trust to validate the server.
Tap Save (go to Step 19).

The account will attempt to retrieve default settings from the server, and then present the message Cannot Connect Using SSL. Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?. Please be patient while the settings try and authenticate with the server. Since the account is attempting to be setup securely but there is not an SSL assigned to the mail domain, it is okay to tap Yes at this point.
Choose Yes.
Tap Save.
When prompted, “This account may not be able to send or receive emails. Are you sure you want to save,” tap Save.

Tap the account you just added (identified by your email address).
Scroll down and tap the SMTP button.
Select the server you just added, identified by the hostname from step 9.
Select OFF for Use SSL (default option).
Select Authentication and change it to Password.
Server Port should be set to 587
Select Done at the top (the phone will Verify your settings).
Select Account at the top to go back.
Tap Advanced (bottom).
Scroll down to Incoming Settings.
Select OFF for Use SSL.
Select Authentication and change it to Password.
Select 143 for Server Port.
Tap your Account to go back.
Tap Done to go back (the phone will Verify your settings).
Tap the Home button.
Tap the Mail App to check your configuration.

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