Digital Prepaid

Simply put: In business, you may need the use of digital services from time to time. Digital marketing for your business may be seasonal or possibly required periodically, we have researched the marketplace and found that this is often the case. Digital Prepaid from InsideMan offers this services. We offer the full Digital Agency product suite for you to use as and when you need.

What you get with Digital Prepaid:

  1. Peace of mind that you have a digital company to turn to whenever you need something done
  2. No long term contracts
  3. No fear that some months you will be paying for services that you don’t really need at the time
  4. Access to the InsideMan team to promote, market or run campaigns* as and when you need
  5. Pricing in Dollars or Rand.

In the past

Digital Marketing can be a powerful tool, when used cleverly. Often it is not, due to cost and the lack of time or expertise, Often the task is assigned to an existing staff member or handled by the business owner themselves

The hiring a full-time Social Media specialist can range from R 6000 – R 20 000 and that is only 1 person plus a monthly commitment to paying their salary.

Most outsource options are on a retainer basis and often this is not considered due to the inconsistent nature of business.


We at InsideMan have developed an innovative solution that allows you to make use of the full range of Digital Agency services, expertise and resources, as and when you need:

What you get:

Individuals working on each of your various platforms, weekly and monthly reporting on activities and progress, a WhatsApp group to communicate directly with the team and a variety of options for packages from 20, 50 or 100-hour or anything inbetween.