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cycle formula

Cycle formula 

A custom solution that is a hybrid of email marketing, blogging, account management and lead generation.  

A blog article that is designed to attract readers, by using industry-tested layout, structure, content, highly SEO keyword rich and powerful heading. The article will need to be based on the content calendar as well as have the relevant bridging term to go from the article to the product or service + the call to action. The article will be 100% original, created by industry specialist that is able to offer insight and add value to the reader, making the article share-worthy and captivating.

Create powerful subject line and use industry best practices to create an email that gets opened. Through the use of “avatars” to draft compelling emails that increase the read rate and build the relationship The use of templates and highly attractive visible elements that are optimised for maximum reach

This process involves creating of 6 Adverts that are then optimised and reviewed to increase the reach and engagement. Each of the 6 adverts will have an image and content designed to reach the exact target market and result in action being taken. – to drive traffic to the blog The targeting aspect of the Facebook Adverts is a technical and powerful tool that we have mastered, this increases the click rate of potential customers

One post per day to both facebook and twitter will ensure that the organic reach and timeliness will be maintained. This content will be unique and different to that of the paid advertising

Content for Twitter will be created based on the blog article that will result in retweets, likes and click throughs to the blog Rich media will be used to increase exposure along with tagging influencers

Through the use of google analytics, Facebook, insights and goals we will be able to measure the success of the cycle in terms of traffic to the website, engagement, click throughs. From this, we will be able to modify and enhance the next cycle.

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