Why your business needs a social media strategy

A strategy is a leadership plan with the goal of achieving its goals and objectives. It derives from the Greek term, stratēgos, which originates from two words; stratos and agos (army and leading). Too much Game of Thrones, bare with me…

A social media strategy is a road map to guide the success of your digital media, online marketing, advertising, high website rates, and sales investments. It applies before, during and after a campaign, an event, your business’ timeline, and management solutions. A strategy is regularly visited in order to see whether your business is on track or not, it strengthens the performance of your company internally and externally.


Strategy, Why your business needs a social media strategy, InsideMan Media, InsideMan Media

When your clients have an easy access to your communication, they feel more than just a client. Insideman Digital Media can assist you in social media management.


Great businesses have a point of view, not just a product and a service. You need to believe in your business internally as much as you want your consumers and investors to believe in you too. Clients sense your positivity and productivity, hence, they are a part of your system.

We design the simplest products and services, meanwhile our competitor’s services are too complex. And in return, consumers want the simplest products and services.

When you go the extra mile to create compelling social media content, it’s a sign of how much you care about your online audience. Standing for something is just about writing it down, but by believing it and living it, you build a wall of trust and sustainability.

When building a social media strategy, you will need to reflect, are you doing it for your clients or your investors?

Because, when you are only focused at making a profit, you will actually make none. It is about consistency and deliverance, and then the profit.

InsideMan Digital Media started in the spare room at Brian’s house, and now we have offices at Eastlake Centre, Cape Town, and soon will be opening new offices in the UK. Your business can prosper too. Aim to solve a problem with your product, let the people see the value in your product and soon you will be out of your garage and an actual business in no time.


Strategy, Why your business needs a social media strategy, InsideMan Media, InsideMan Media

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The next time you consider setting a social media strategy, remember the following:

  • Vision of the strategy (goals)
  • Mission (objectives)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy Map
  • Content timeline and social networks
  • Campaigns, influencers and target market
  • Key performance areas
  • Dashboard to monitor
  • Social Media auditing tools
  • Weekly and monthly report tools

Have you got your social media army ready? Tell us how well your social media strategy has worked for you. Or send us an email and we can help you organise a solid social and digital media strategy, for improved return of investments.

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