7 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media

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Nowadays, social media is the battlefield where everyone is vying for attention. It can truly be challenging to make your brand stand out in such an environment. More and more businesses are taking to social media as their marketing playing field. If you’re considering doing the same, then you need to know how to differentiate yourself from all others. Even though it can be a bit difficult, it’s not impossible. Here are 7 ways to make your brand stand out on social media.

To make your brand stand out on social media, choose right

The first thing you should do, even before you make a profile for your brand on any social media, is to do thorough research. You should know how you can market your product or service on the various platforms that exist. In fact, choosing the right social media platform is pivotal for your business.

Research your
target audience and see what social media they use. There’s no point in making
a profile on every platform if your target audience rarely uses it. That is, you
can’t make your brand stand out on certain social media when your target
audience is not very active on them.

Currently, the
most used social media
are, you’ve guessed it, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
There are others, such as Twitter, that are also invaluable when it comes to
marketing your brand. But there are countless others that might even be better
for your particular brand. So, take your time and make the right choice for
your business.

Phone with Facebook app on with “social media” written next to it

Facebook has most users;


Pay attention to the visual side of your brand

If your brand
has an awesome logo, that’s great! However, that is not the only thing that
matters when it comes to visual representation of your brand on social media.
You have to think about every part of your
. One of the key ways to make your brand stand out is to use
imaging as reflection of the feel of your brand. It’s great if you can use various
options image-based social media such as Instagram or Pinterest in a creative
way. An excellent visual representation is sometimes key in attracting followers.

Make a strategy for your content

Many seem to think that “winging it” is a good option for brands in this day and age. However, business people don’t often know what to post on social media since they need to maintain the balance between professional and interesting. That is why you need to make a social media strategy. With it, you will have direction and every member of your team will be on the same page. It can be exhausting looking through a brand’s profile and noticing that there’s no sense of direction. And, trust us, followers notice. They notice everything that’s a tiny bit askew, which is why a strategy will help you achieve coherence. That is vital if you want to make your brand stand out on social media.

Engage your audience and be proactive

A brand that engages its audience is a brand that will come on top and really stand out on social media. However, engaging the audience doesn’t mean simply posting about the features of your brand and only that. You have to include some posts about possible interests of your customers that don’t serve the purpose of promoting your brand. For instance, if you’re a restaurant, post a few recipes now and then or some tips on how to deal with usual kitchen problems. Also, another thing you should do is be proactive. Like and reply to the posts of other brands and other people if you want to truly engage your audience. Ask them for their opinion or advice on a particular topic. That is how you will make your brand stand out on social media.

Hand holding phone with open Instagram app

your audience is the best way to make your brand stand out;


Tell your story

Each brand has its own story and its own path. However, in their effort of keeping everything professional, brands often make the mistake of being too generic. In this day and age, you need to keep up with social media trends, which means that you have to fuse your personal story to the particular social media so that you can reap the most benefits. There are things that make your brand special, i.e. that make your story special. Share information that you find inspirational, share something that makes you laugh. If you tell your story, your followers will certainly appreciate that. Find a balance between your professional side and your human side. That way, your followers can identify with you and find your brand more appealing.

Get the help of influencers to really Stand out on social media

It is sometimes
incredibly difficult to start social media profiles from scratch. And, although
it can be a lengthy path for a brand, there are ways you can at least shorten yours.
You can share, like, as well as reply to posts from well-known influencers on
that particular platform. If you connect with someone who is already
well-established on that platform, you
will make your brand stand out faster and more easily
. This can improve
your brand’s standing immensely. So, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Laptop with Instagram app on the screen

media influencers can help your brand immensely;


Use social media as customer support

In this world of
heavy social media use, people will often turn directly to social media when satisfied/dissatisfied
with someone’s service. And their review can reach several hundreds, if not
thousands of other social media users. That means that you should pay attention to reviews that customers leave on your
profile. Don’t leave them unanswered, especially if someone is talking about a
problem that they’ve had with your product/service.

The best way to
show your followers that you’re different from the rest is to show that you’re
always there for your customers. This doesn’t only include the disgruntled customers.
You can even thank satisfied customers. That will prove to other followers and
potential new customers that you as a business are devoted to customer
satisfaction. Following these simple rules will ensure that your brand will
stand out among the rest.

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