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February 20, 2017
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6 reason why using social media for business is essential
Most people are aware that social media is important, but some sectors appear to be trailing behind.  (Are you one of them?)

No matter who you sell it to, using social media as a marketing tool can help grow your brand and pad your wallet.

The marketing and advertising landscape has changed significantly since the beginning of the internet and technical era, which has brought dramatic increases to the capability of small and medium sized businesses. Mobile phones and the internet together have motivated a new era in effective communication strategies and engagement.

It is no surprise that every social media platform nowadays has put serious effort toward becoming device responsive and thereby ensured a wider reach for any business (small or medium) aiming to reach maximum targeted customers.

Social media brings in great opportunities to reach and expand your active audience while engaging with the right potential customers. Nowadays, having a social media presence is vital to your business and a necessity which provides benefits a business cannot ignore. Here’s an overview of how a business may stand to benefit from social media:
Improve Exposure – The starting point in marketing a business is to increase exposure and awareness. A consistent social media campaign assures that a business is constantly increasing exposure and building a community for future engagement.

Generate Leads - Once people are aware of a business, they want to know more about the business and not just the business products. They also want to know what the business stands for and what opportunities the business provides for customers to engage and receive reward. Social media connects them to the information they want to receive.

Grow Business Partnerships – Once you are on social media circles, you are bound to run into opportunities for partnerships and can begin to undertake integrated marketing campaigns. Business partnerships set the ball rolling and branching out and creating new opportunities for sales and co-promotions to promote the business’ product to an even larger and more diverse audience.

Reduce Marketing Spend – Unlike traditional advertising, social media marketing goes a long way when you are smart about it and can costs far less to assess returns on investment.

Increase Traffic – More social mention means more engagement and more business, which in turn increases traffic to a business’s website and creates fresh opportunities to generate customer support. Increase traffic can help a business become a leader in its field, which builds confidence and loyalty to a business.

Enhance Brand Loyalty – Getting new customers is one thing but keeping them for a repeat purchase is another and a highly valuable. Social media has all the tools and techniques for a business to reach customers fast and keep them happy with great service.

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