Do you need a team to build and support your website?
Or perhaps a social media campaign to drive sales?
Maybe you simply need some advice on how best to manage your online activities?

Let us be your ‘insideman’ into the world of digital, and when you need us, reach out 🙂


International Investment Management Group

Website enhancements, optimisations, and SEO implementation.   LinkedIn brand strategy, content creation, and management

Uchef food image

uChef: Restaurant and hotel quality food online

New eccomernce website

Flatrock Mining

Flatrock Mining

SEO and Digital Support


First class website solutions, online media, and marketing for a post-COVID world.

Online Shop ( eCommerce )

1 product or 10 000 products, local or international markets, we can created them all

Website Design

Your dream, your vision, your business idea needs a place online and it needs to be created so it is beautiful, fast and works. That is what we do

Website Hosting

We all want our internet to be fast and website to load instantly, don’t we? All our website servers are state of of the art, secure, and lightning-fast.

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management services are classified into two styles.
The first style of service is a brand level management service starting with the management of a minimum of three social media platform profiles.
The second style of service is a platform-specific standalone management service

Google Ads

Why Google Ads? Simple answer…
Google Ads is the most powerful advertising platform to boost traffic, collect more leads and increase sales.


Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic (not Paid ) search engine results. The better the optimization, the higher the ranking. With SEO Management, we will oversee the research and implementation of SEO best practices.

Our Clients

Website Design

Web Design & Development, by its nature, has its pricing and job-duration determined entirely by the scope and requirements of each project.

We expect a two to three week timeline for web design and development completion and during this time, we engage with you and your team, keeping you in the loop. 

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a recurring monthly management service that includes the creation, posting, and management of your social media profiles.

Our tiered packages include a variety of features that range from increases in the number of monthly posts we create and manage.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is a recurring monthly management service that includes the creation, posting, and management of your social media adverts.

Our packages include a variety of features that range from advertising on Facebook in a normal campaign or one aimed at retargeting to an audience.

On LinkedIn, Instagram and Google we can also run a similar advertising campaign for you.

Process & Workflow

We play in the digital space, from website and logo design to online presence, lead gen, and marketing we create content, manage social media platforms, engage on your behalf as you, for a professional full digital experience. InsideMan has been in the digital sector for over 7 years and continues to reign on high as one of the leaders in our field.


We are a family run buziness and offer a personal touch to our many local and international clients.  

InsideMan was founded by Brian Mawdsley who was the original man on the inside.  He runs the biz along side his sister Karen and the amazing staff who hail from all over.