Why Do You Need Fresh Content For SEO?

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Why Do You Need Fresh Content For SEO?

If you have come to a point where online sales are slumping and website visitor numbers are down, it is time to rethink your content. Fresh content, with the right SEO tools and online promotion, can kickstart interest, drive more traffic to your site, and hopefully increase sales.

Do I need to make new blog posts for SEO?

The short answer here is yes. While you might find it easier to amend existing pages with updates and “new for 2021” recommendations, it is better to go for a fresh post. A new blog post gives regulars interesting new content and also the chance to use the right keywords and backlinks to boost your rankings and traffic.

Fresh content lets you target new keywords.

Keywords are an important part of SEO and one of the best tools that you can utilize when it comes to ranking on Google. If you have a few stale pages of information about your company then you are only targetting a small number of related keywords. That is where it helps to create new content that targets new related keywords to broaden your horizons. There are different ways to do this. You could try the following.

1) Create keywords related to questions. For example, “Do I need fresh content on my blog to improve SEO?”. Google loves to provide answers to common search terms in their little answer snippets. Sites that win this snippet win a lot of new visitors.

2) Create keywords based on localized SEO. If you are a company providing a service rather than a product, it might help to create new content based on a service in an area. For example “the best plumbing services in [place name]” or “[place name] dog walkers.

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Fresh content lets you connect with a loyal consumer base.

Also, you can’t just think about the new customers that may find your services through Google. What about all those that offer repeat business and have a relationship with your company? Fresh content can keep these consumers interested and perhaps show them something new. A good informational blog post related to their interests can answer questions and enforce your role as a trusted source. Or, you can create posts on product promotion or for social events. Don’t forget to post links to the new blog pages on social media to bring in more traffic and engagement.

Fresh content also offers the chance to add backlinks to previous pages.

You don’t have to give up on an underperforming article or product page. Instead, you can add links to that page by tying them into your new content. For example, “if you are interested in X, you might also want to go and check out Y”. A quick hyperlink and you have an easy way to bring in more readers.

New blog posts are the best option, even if it seems like hard work.

It is worth the time and effort to get fresh content onto your website through blog posts and new articles rather than try and “improve” something you already have. If this sounds like too much, you can always take advantage of professional content creation services to write the posts to your specifications. It will pay off in the form of greater rankings, traffic, and eventually more sales.

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