Ways to increase your website’s conversion rate

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There are not many things worse than having a high-quality product/service but having no means of familiarizing your audience with it. Sure, you can work on getting your brand to stand out on social media, but that might not be enough for your company to get the attention you know it deserves! But the good news is that, if you know that you have something special, all you have to do is put in the work needed to increase your website’s conversion rate. All that it takes are a few tweaks to your normal routine for you to see a spike in your conversion rate.

Are you familiar with the term conversion rate?

If you are not, there is no reason to worry! You are not the first person who isn’t an expert in this matter, nor are you the last one. In essence, this is a term that is expressed in percentage form based on a ratio. And that percentage denotes the portion of your website visitors who convert on an offer. Since visitors can convert on many things, such as sales, lead magnets, and webinar registration, you have the option of following conversion rates for all of those segments. The whole goal behind this is to find the number of people who find your content, and what percentage of them ends up buying your products or signing up for your e-mail list.

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And as soon as you finish creating your professional looking website, you need to start following these numbers. Because if you don’t know what your conversion rate is at the moment, you won’t know which elements of your marketing strategy you need to improve in order to further develop your businesses.

Since now you know the basics behind conversion rates (although there is much more to be learned), you can try to incorporate the following ways that will help you increase your website’s conversion rate. We advise patience, as not all of these changes will bring quick results.

Give your audience what they need

You need to understand one thing – every visitor landed on your website for a reason. Whether they had some concerns that needed to be addressed, a desire they needed to be fulfilled, or some general questions, they are expecting your website to be able to meet their expectations. Basically, what each visitor is doing when browsing your website is asking themselves what’s in it for them. If the value you offer is greater than the effort they have to put in to get that value, then they will convert.

But how do you get to that point of conversion? Do you rely on advanced SEO techniques? Do you redesign your website? Or do you work on your marketing? Let’s find out!

Rely on data to increase your website’s conversion rate

All you need is data about your website from a tool such as Google Analytics. You can examine the results to find which pages on your website are performing better or worse than others. This will make it easier to identify pages that aren’t performing well and you will work on optimizing them. You can create a better CTA, add new content, and update old statistics. That should be a good start to increase your conversion rate. 

Ways to increase your website's conversion rate (3)

In order for your website to grow, it needs to be constantly maintained and developed. That means you should frequently update your content, as well as work on your website running smoothly. Of course, if you lack the time but have the funds, you can always hire professionals such as wpfullcare.com for maintaining your website. Or you can opt for the complete opposite – invest your time but save money by working on your website yourself. The choice is yours.

Offer a deal your audience can’t resist

It won’t be enough to create just one lead magnet. Because let’s say you offer free webinars which you know people love. It might very well be the best lead magnet, but its use alone won’t get you where you want to be. You need to test it against another source. Optimize your other offers, such as your sales page copy and email CTAs and you will make a package that no one will be able to resist. 

Work on optimizing the design of your pages

While content plays a crucial role in increasing your conversion rates, you’d be surprised to hear that aesthetics matter as well. You need to figure out what type of website design your audience will prefer. Is that minimalism? Perhaps they like a futuristic design? However, you should bear in mind that research shows that complex design was interpreted as less beautiful by visitors. That means it will probably be a safe bet to keep it simple with a minimalistic design.

Experiment with different call to action buttons There isn’t one CTA that will fit all the websites in the world. You will have to test numerous options in order to find the one that works best for your audience. Usually, an authoritative statement makes the most sense for a CTA. Moreover, CTA’s that start with the word YES are usually psychologically more effective as they are portrayed in a positive light. But one thing is for sure – you want every CTA to lead to the same page. You can experiment with different designs, but the aforementioned point isn’t negotiable

Ways to increase your website's conversion rate

Add a customer testimonial section

If you want to increase your website’s conversion rate, you need to build trust. For people, the best way to build trust in a company is through positive reviews from other people. If you are pretty confident in what you do, feel free to add a customer testimonial section to your website. This proof of quality will put consumers at ease and that will lead to a remarkable conversion impact. In some rare cases, the improvement was magnified by a whopping 400%. Impressive what a small addition to your website can do, isn’t it?

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