Top E-Mail Marketing Platforms For Professional Servicing Firms

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So, you’re looking to invest in an email marketing software to help spread your brand online. That’s a great decision, and what better way to reach out to customers digitally than emails? Even the numbers are telling – close to 81% of SMBs depend on email as their primary mode of customer acquisition online, so you know you’re off to a good start! When there are changes happening every day in technology rapidly evolving every industry including banking, email marketing has been consistent and reliable.

Emails are also a great way of letting customers know about your company and how you’re going about brand messaging and tonality.

Of course, in the law department, you need quick solutions to help you move forward and get things done online, and that’s why emails come in handy. They require just a few minutes of your time once a day (in some cases, even once a week), after which you can focus on more pressing issues.

We’ve broken down the best emailing software based around the kind of work you do and are plenty of tools available in the market that make your job easier. Check them out:

1. SendX

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One of the most inclusive software available in the market, SendX, is the perfect tool for anybody looking to send compelling emails. Not only do they have some excellent templates to use, but they also have the features which set them apart. As attorneys, you won’t have the time to test out different materials, and that’s why SendX does the work for you!

From A/B testing to subscriber management and so much more, SendX is a powerful tool, especially for professional servicing firms.

If you’d like your emails to look convincing and professional, then look no further than SendX. It allows you to create dynamic content and also garner more customers with their simple web forms. Take a shot at it, and you’ll see what we’re talking about when it comes to ease-of-usability! 

2. ActiveCampaign:

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When it comes to automation in emails, having a robust software ensures you’re able to send them out in bulk. 

Automation is exactly what you need as an attorney if you’re looking to reach out to interested clients, en masse. You’ll be able to create neat templates with ActiveCampaign that reflect your law firm’s values, and they can be triggered whenever required! Check out this comparison between ActiveCampaign and MailChimp to know how they hold up.

Apart from templates, they have other capabilities, including the likes of higher deliverability rates and thorough reporting campaigns. ActiveCampaign also allows you to do the account migration for free if you’re coming from another email marketing software.

3. MailerLite:

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One of the best sites for professional servicing firms working on a tight budget, MailerLite is perfect because it offers a slew of premium features. If you are starting, you will also be able to enjoy benefits such as sending emailers to 1000 subscribers for free. Other further advantages of the software include subscription forms, pop-up alerts, and embedded forms for potential clients to be in touch even after a case is closed. 

Overall, MailerLite is a great software to get you going, especially if you want your clients to know you’re a professional who’s brief and to the point. 

4. Automizy:

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Automizy is considered one of the best email marketing software out there owing to one primary reason – their automation capabilities, making it an excellent software for you.

Apart from Active Campaign, they, too, offer some splendid features which are perfect for attorneys who are looking to “automize” their campaigns and reach out only to interested and engaging customers.

Start with their A/B Subject Line testing – this tool allows you to try out various subject lines till you find one that works best for your brand. By comparing different types of subject lines, you’ll be able to zero in on a few that are sure to get your audiences clicking and opening them.

5. AWeber:

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AWeber is a popular email marketing software that makes it easier to customize your emails. With close to 150 templates, you’ll be able to pick from a big pool of proven software designs that will serve you in good stead over the long term. 

It also allows attorneys to work with templates with a proven track record, so you know you’re bound to get some great responses. 

There are additional features as well, including the segmentation option to make separate lists for your audiences, management, and tracking to know exactly how your emails are performing and charts where you can analyze and re-strategize to see what worked best. 

6. ConvertKit:

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ConvertKit is a great software, especially for professionals for whom the content is king. While other software allows you to create content for the buyer, ConvertKit enables you to delight your audience with some fantastic content editing capabilities.

For attorneys who love being in control of everything, ConvertKit is the perfect tool. When it comes to them filling forms, ConvertKit personalizes the query fields, effectively speeding up the process and allowing you to nurture them better! 

7. Constant Contact:

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As a professional, Constant Contact can provide you with some superb, responsive tools that can guide the user on how to create the perfect emailer. Also, with the help of the editor available, creating simple emails is the easiest task on hand, especially for a first-time attorney looking to market himself.

After you’re done using Constant Contact for a while, it gives you the option to segregate your emails according to user behavior and thus only target those with a higher affinity towards purchasing. Pretty neat and extremely useful for attorneys who like to know what it is their clients are searching for online!

To Sum Up:

Thus, we’ve broken down the best emailer software for professional firms online. These software work as excellent alternatives to Mailchimp and can offer a wide range of email marketing functionalities. 

As attorneys, you’ll be able to easily get the hang of these software’s even if you’re new at email marketing. That’s not even the best part, though – you’ll also be able to automate your campaigns and take a backseat as you let the tool do most of the work! With time, you’ll realize the value of having a great email software as it frees up the rest of your time and allows you to segregate your best customers from the rest!

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