Tips for promoting your business on a budget

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We live in an era of massive markets, and running a business is never easy, especially a small one so promoting your business on a budget is key. Large business chains threaten to endanger all other companies and conquer all markets on a global level. Luckily for you, marketing has grown too and made a way for small businesses to make the name for themselves. Promoting your business on a budget is quite a challenge and requires knowledge, skills and persistence. But it’s possible, and that is most important. The great news is that, in this digital age, you can easily promote a business online without breaking the bank.

The question is, how does promoting your business on a budget work? Believe it or not, by using these tips, you can increase the attention your business gets and bring in more customers!

Step forward

You should never underestimate the power of personal recommendations. Having your customers spread the word about your business is the best marketing you can get. People trust their friends the most and no commercial can compete with your customers putting in a good word for you. Hence, don’t be shy to ask your customers for referrals and recommendations. Every satisfied customer will be happy to tell their friends about the great job you did. Also, get enthusiastic reviews for your website from delighted customers. There are many people willing to help you, but sometimes they need a kind reminder.

By using SEO you are attracting people searching for your type of services

Make a good content marketing plan

You just need to have a website, and you can start using the most valuable trend in digital marketing – content marketing. It provides you with a way to connect with your customers and potential customers on a personal, non-salesy way. Eventually, it helps you to establish relationships and grow your brand awareness.

Blog posts and pages

Don’t get discouraged just because you think you are not talented for writing. You can find many tutorials online on how to create epic blog posts and pages. Make sure all the pages on your website are informative and attractive. You can always hire professionals to do that for you. You can find content at affordable prices, you just have to research a bit. Also, there are lots of ways to make content marketing work for you, even by yourself.

Its highness – the SEO

SEO (Search engine optimization) is amazing because it gives small businesses the opportunity to rise and make an impact while promoting your business on a budget. It is all about the right keywords that people use when searching for a specific service online. Once you discover and start using those keywords in your website content, the sky will be the limit.

If you don’t have a budget for hiring professionals, you can find many free tutorials online. When you learn how to fight in a website SEO battle, you will be able to win more new customers.

‘How to’ video tutorials

 These videos give you so many options, you just need to be creative. For example, being a yoga studio owner, you can demonstrate some yoga positions and explain how it affects one’s body and mind. If you are in the fashion business, you can, for instance, show several ways to tie a scarf. Think about what your customers might want to learn and then show them how it works. Tease them, so they wish to learn more about it!

Tips for promoting your business on a budget 4

Include your employees and coworkers in making a website content

Product review

This is especially useful if you are distributing something. So, even if writing isn’t your thing, you can easily make a product review. It’s simple – just use bulleted lists of pros and cons or a quick spreadsheet comparing two or three different products.

Show the hidden side

You can have some of your employees explain their role in the business. Or you can walk customers through the manufacturing process for one of your products. If you sponsor a local sports team or a charity, share some pictures of the events you participate in.

Everybody on board

Ask your employees and coworkers to participate in your website content. This way you will give them the opportunity to share their expertise and information. Whether it’s a few words about the company, a recipe, or some technical insight, it will certainly interest potential customers.

Once you feel satisfied with your content, don’t forget about it. Try to publish fresh content at least once or twice a week. By constantly refreshing your content, you will boost your brand awareness, develop your reputation as a trusted expert in your field, and bring new customers. 

Use wisely the best free tool of all – social media

Being active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can change your business and make an amazing impact. Using social media for business is essential nowadays, especially for promoting your business on a budget. Most noteworthy, once you make a Facebook and Instagram account, it will be easier for people to recommend you. They will be able to do that by simply liking, following, sharing or tagging you. There are a few rules that will help you make the best out of it.

  • Find and connect with local influencers, businesses and communities that are likely to use your services and recommend your company.
  • Use each platform in a way that suits your business best. For example, use Instagram for visual products, Twitter for B2B connections, Facebook for B2C and service industries, Pinterest for visual products and crafts and LinkedIn for B2B services.
  • Join Facebook groups and follow Instagram accounts that are relevant to your business. Additionally, give helpful advice without directly promoting yourself in order to increase your reputation.


Using social media in promoting your business is essential

Freshen things up

Change is good and sometimes necessary. If your business has been for a very long time in the same place and in the same stage, it’s time to freshen things up! Don’t be afraid when deciding to change your office address or to hire some new employees. Every new member of your team and every change can bring you a fresh new perspective.

Give and you will get in return

Remember, if you give someone the opportunity to experience your product or service, chances are they will want to purchase more. Hence, don’t be afraid to give someone a free trial or a sample. Generally, people are more comfortable purchasing something they have been able to experience first. Also, they will like your gesture. It will make you look generous and caring, which will make them love your service even more.

Tips for promoting your business on a budget

By following these inexpensive strategies, you will not only approach new customers, but also build relationships, and ultimately grow your brand. Remember, sometimes knowledge, time and effort are more powerful tools than a big budget. When you do your best promoting your business on a budget, results will follow!

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