The importance of a professional LinkedIn training

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The importance of a professional LinkedIn training

We’re familiar with the importance of networking on LinkedIn. Connecting with industry players is a key aspect. Did you, however, know how important the value of online marketing and training is on LinkedIn?

According to David Graham, a business to business digital marketing strategist, there are businesses selling LinkedIn training, which is absolutely vital if you want to develop informed users.

Contrary to  Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has a much more professional presence. The type of content is much more formal.

Build a brand and find your industry thought leaders, network in LinkedIn groups or recruit persons for vacancies.

LinkedIn is a large network small businesses need to explore wisely.  

It’s always crucial to have a good profile.

A LinkedIn user with a half done profile sent me an invitation the other day. The account had just under 20 connections with the title being a ‘LinkedIn instructor’. Now as an informed LinkedIn user, I know first of all the profile deserves a professional close-up image, the correct details, a summary of who the user is, a catchy headline and your experience or expertise.  

On the top right of your LinkedIn profile is a profile strength circle, if your profile is not ranked as an all-star profile, we’ve got some work to do!

Spam accounts sell inappropriate products on the social network. LinkedIn should do a clean out of fake or spam accounts.

Local LinkedIn trainees need more recognition by LinkedIn. There are professionals giving out vital LinkedIn training all over the world. LinkedIn is aware of the training these professionals are providing, as a response LinkedIn should consider an endorsement to outstanding trainees.  

Amongst various professionals that do LinkedIn training, I attended a workshop by Brian Mawdsley, a social media expert and an entrepreneur. Social Media is his cup of coffee, on LinkedIn his joined over 36 groups, he posts and engages daily and he responds to queries instantly. His LinkedIn training usually gets high numbers of attendance ranging from young professionals to CEOs and key industry players. LinkedIn needs to service certifications for outstanding work to professionals who deserve it.

Grow your network by establishing yourself as a thought leader; someone people can refer to when they need to know about something in your industry. A tip, ask old or current colleagues to recommend you, ask influencers to comment on your articles vice versa.

The point is to always provide the precise reason to connect on LinkedIn. Some accounts need a solid message explaining why you want to connect with them, the importance behind it all is immense.

Grow your brand; invest in your success and attend local workshops. Invest in your time by attending forums and summits. There are numerous business cards to connect with via summits, most of the speakers are on social media, particularly on LinkedIn.

Speaking of summits and social media; did you know that a brand has the potential to reach greater figures of ROI because of a social media campaign? Online marketing continues to be the talk of the town. Yesterday alone the #ConCourt trended all day on Twitter. It is by no coincidence that the hashtag had to be short, on point and supported aggressively to reach the desired target market.

Online marketing is a strategic form of advertising. Optimisers understand the value of using a LinkedIn group to share a valuable post. The amount of people who view the post may either share, like or comment, it then has the potential to be seen by all of their connections.  

Establishing yourself or your brand as a thought leader is remarkably a great characteristic on LinkedIn. When brands realise the kind of impact you have online, you have the potential of becoming a key player to summits or events to enlighten the audience without having to pay a cent. 

Social media has opened a gate for all of us to succeed, the only excuse we should have is no excuse at all. Succeed!


Unpacking businesses and then creating elegant digital solutions is a passion. I actually can’t help myself at times, analysing people’s business and creating answers to questions they have not even asked.

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