The Future Of Real Estate

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If you happen to be a real estate entrepreneur, or a reapreneur, as many say, chances that you’ve encountered online portals for real estate buying and selling are pretty high. The usage of eCommerce-based architectures to sell (and even just rent) properties has become so popular that it would be superficial not to cover the topic on this very matter. Let’s analyse the matter in more detail.

How Can You Buy A Property Online?

The first major question which naturally comes when analysing this very matter is how can someone possibly buy a house or a property from an online portal. The answer is relatively simple: with the usage of small, yet complex fintech-related tools, it is possible to apply and process any financial application online without having to go through the bulky and sometimes slow process which banks and mortgages providers are renowned for. Fintech and real estate buying/selling have been an extremely powerful combination in the past couple of years, amounting for billions of dollars in investments.

A Very Much Entrepreneurial Matter

When it comes to real estate or just mere property management applied to an online architecture, it’s quite easy to understand why this matter has become quite an entrepreneurial-related topic. The application of eCommerce-oriented strategies like drop-shipping, for example, could be easily translated to topics like commercial property auctions, for example. Imagine a Shopify-based portal which, instead of listing t-shirts and gadgets from Aliexpress, lists properties from the local newspaper. Add a tool which processes the financially-related tasks and boom, you’ve successfully created a dropshipping store which sells properties. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Is This Just A Meteor?

Selling properties online, from start to finish, is very likely to become the industry standard in the next couple of years so no, this is definitely not a meteor. Companies like Santander have stated how impactful the usage of fintech-related tools have been in the past couple of years when processing mortgages applications and big loans, so there’s a tangible confirmation of the fact that this matter is very likely to grow more in the next couple of years. With this being said, it’s safe to say that the future of property buying and selling is online.

To Conclude

The future of real estate is definitely moving towards online applications. It’s safe to say, at the current stage, that the entire mortgage sector and property buying sector is tunnel-visioned towards this matter.

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