How to stop wasting your time on email

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Email marketing is a great way to get visitors to your site, but are you wasting your time on email

They would make their way to your adverts which would then result in sales. You may already have this strategy in place, but is it working for you?

If not, it could be due to unclear promotions, or an unappealing format. Whatever the case may be, people pay attention to relevant content.

Check out our top 5 strategies to stop wasting time on email.


  1. Social Media Benefits.

If your main objective is to use social media, email marketing could assist more then you realize.

Request that your email subscribers like your Facebook page, follow you on twitter or connect to your LinkedIn page.

A link could be added to direct traffic to your website which means maximum exposure for minimum work. On Facebook, an email sign-up form could be added to your company’s business page, turning followers into subscribers.

In order for people connect to social media via email; you need to include eye catching content such as:

Providing incentives– You need to make it clear, what is in it for them? Whatever promotions is running, include it in your email and revolve an incentive around it

Include Social Icons– include Facebook and twitter icons to your mail. They are colourful and they will encourage the reader to dig deeper about your business.



  1. Segmentation

Mass marketing is not ideal when trying to attract a specific target market.

Email can assure that you are reaching your ideal target audience and that the content the email contains is equivalent to their interests.

You could choose your target audience based on the following:

  • Geographic Knowing where prospective clients live would boost the amount of traffic coming through your door. People respond to familiarity, take advantage of this by localizing your subject lines.
  • Organisation type– If you are providing a business to business service, don’t send recurring emails.

Send an informative email about your company, add a few details about the prospective company and make a connection.

This shows that you are putting yourself out there, without any expectations.


  1. Email is the most personal digital marketing tool.

The goal is sourcing and securing new clients while building a long standing business relationship. People respond to seeing their name in an email, or something pertaining to their individuality.

Be wary about faking familiarity, over is off putting and distasteful.

email 2 

4. Email is an open platform

Businesses have spent thousands of Rands investing in social media following. However, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are owned and controlled by third parties, email is not.

It ensures the right person get the message immediately.

The vast array of companies that uses email is endless. The main benefit is that no third party can limit the effectiveness of a great email list.


  1. It is the most preferred communication platform.

The main focus is to get people to buy what you are selling. Social media is a very powerful tool to do this but there is still even more power in Email.

Email is the most professional medium to promote your businesses. Send an email during working hours; people are more likely to open an email at work than anywhere else.


Remember the asset is in the audience and obtaining or growing email list is a big part of this process. We will address this in the next blog.

If you know of other ways of enhancing your email experience please leave a comment below.

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