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  • LinkedIn

    Understand the benefits of Social Media Business Usage The digital divide prevented small business owners from learning how to market their business on the internet. We […]
  • Mailchimp

    MailChimp is a platform for users to create mass eNewsletter campaigns. Communicate directly to your consumers via personalised emails that won’t get stuck in the dredged […]
  • Facebook

    Facebook is by far the most popular social media network. Launched in 2004, it now has over 1 billion users. More than 900 million objects that […]
  • Twitter

    Twitter is a micro-blog website that allows you to post content with a limit of 140 characters, instantly. It is an excellent source of current information. […]
  • Annique Wellness

    Background: Health, wellness and beauty. In 1968 Dr Annique Theron stumbled on the natural healing powers of the South African herb, Rooibos tea, when she warmed Lorinda, […]
  • Verjuice

    Background: Verjuice is a company that sells unfermented juice from green-harvested noble grape varieties. They add gentle acidity and subtle sweetness to your cooking, adds crisp, […]