How to get subscriptions flowing on Youtube

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How to get subscriptions flowing on Youtube

YouTube receives over 1 billion viewers every month. Stats via

YouTube is a large platform for getting attention online.  With over 1 billion viewers, it’s an important social media network for businesses, celebrities, and digital marketers. To generate quality content that gains superior attraction, here are 6 tips on how to get YouTube subscribers.

Use keywords on title headlines
When posting a video to YouTube, it’s critical to use keywords that’ll pull the reader/viewer’s’ attention. With that said, it helps when viewers want to search for the video either on YouTube or Google. Keywords catch the reader’s attention, instead of having to guess what the topic is about – they can go straight to the point.

The importance of adding a description
The description box beneath your YouTube video (when uploading) should be added with content related to the video. Video posting is as important as its description about it, 90% of people will click on a link based on its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google and YouTube, meaning, the video with the best keywords in the description, will rank on top.

Make use of YouTube thumbnails
‘Catchy images with catchy content’. Thumbnails are the book cover of the online world; they’re what will get a lot of viewers clicking on a video. Thumbnails are as important as the title. After processing a video, YouTube gives you three options on thumbnails (which are automatically pulled from your video). They may be blurry, therefore you’ll need to customise it, here’s how to customise thumbnails:

  1. Choose frame: Open your video to the specific time you’d like to become your thumbnail or cover.
  2. Screenshot: Use this shortcut to screengrab for windows: Windows key + Print Screen or for a Mac: Command + Shift + 4 and drag your frame around the image you wish to crop. The image will then save to your desktop.
  3. Edit and Upload: After selecting a still image, use the Edit Video Page and upload your still image to YouTube.

Broadcast yourself with YouTube.

Getting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel
Viewers will subscribe to your channel if you lead them to subscribe. Include the subscriber annotation on YouTube for this option to work. The subscription note is a pop-up message that appears when a viewer clicks on your video, to keep people coming or staying, give them content to subscribe to, lead them to your entertainment, educational or emotional website.

Include an external link
An external link is a link that leads to your website. From your YouTube video, in the description section, include a link that leads to your website, where subscribers/viewers can gain more about what you do. This link is known as the “call-to-action link”, as it diverts the viewer to your website, here they can either become a client, a potential client or a visiting client.

Be creative, add the subscribe watermark
Are you familiar with that little annoying red button on the bottom left corner of your video? Yes, the one you always drop your eyes and mouse too. It’s known as the ‘subscribe-to’ or ‘subscription’ watermark; it has the potential to single-handedly give your channel a subscription peak.
Be creative on all your videos, add a subscription watermark. Viewers may either subscribe or view your last video posted.

YouTube advertising is fast becoming a digital marketing advantage for most brands, individuals and celebrities. Placing keywords, an attractive description, thumbnails, a subscription button and an external link to your YouTube channel and videos takes a few minutes, however, these few minutes may encourage a huge amount of traffic generated to your website/channel for a very long time, it just takes effort. Also keep in mind that huge traffic has the potential to be turned into revenue, depending on your service.

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