How Social Sharing is changing Businesses

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Online businesses are changing rapidly. By simply looking at eCommerce, we can see how impactful the advent of new pieces of technology and new marketing strategies have been in terms of development. Procedures like web personalization, SEO and paid advertisement have shaped a billion dollar worth industry, incredibly quickly. Given the size of the competition within such development strategies, smart procedures like branding and brand marketing, in particular, have quickly risen to the top, with specific actions like social sharing. Let’s analyse how these are impacting the business world.

What Is Social Sharing Within Digital Marketing?

Social sharing may sound like a simple microsphere within the marketing realm, but it recently embraced a variety of technical procedures which are normally associated with front and backend development. Social sharing within the digital marketing realm is, in fact, the application of a variety of buttons/features on a particular landing page in order to increase the chances for the user who visits the page of sharing a determined piece of content. This could be anything from a blog post to a referral code which is generated after a particular purchase.

Advanced SEO techniques for small businesses 4
Advanced SEO techniques for small businesses 4

Why Social Sharing Is So Powerful?

If there’s one thing that digital marketing lacks in terms of success, that’d be related to initial ROI. Given the constant rise, in terms of prices, of PPC and paid social ads, approaching these strategies for pure brand awareness could be extremely dangerous, especially for small businesses who don’t have a massive initial capital. Social sharing, especially if properly set up on important pages, could be extremely impactful for initial brand awareness and, given the fact that it’s completely free, it could be a valid alternative to expensive (and sometimes not as good) paid ads.

7 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media 3
7 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media 3

Social Sharing And UX

In order to properly state the power of social sharing, we should analyse an enterprise site’s user experience. Brands like Zara, for example, who always had a top-notch user experience being applied to their online portal, have been deeply investing in the matter in the past couple of years. Zara has always been studied for its UX since they pioneered the world of fast fashion almost 2 decades ago. Social sharing has been calculated to amount for over 15% of Zara’s sales and over 35% of their brand’s awareness.

Mobile, The Next Big Thing

Throughout 2018, mobile as a whole peaked at over 58% of the entire internet’s traffic. With such numbers, it’s quite easy to understand why companies with a big digital department wanted to invest in their mobile native application or simply the mobile version of their site. From Uber to apps offering restaurant deals, the growth of social referral codes, “share your activity” and more have been consistent, tangibly signing social sharing for future development on mobile.

To Conclude

Social sharing features have been proven to help a lot of different brands to scale into a bigger, higher quality audience and better-tailored traffic. Whether if done automatically via complex tools or by the simple usage of share buttons, it has definitely changed the world of online businesses.

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