Facebook Advertising Cost

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Facebook Advertising Cost

Facebook, the largest and the most popular social networking site has a membership base that will envy any social networking site and Facebook advertising is how they make much of their revenue.

The fact that a majority of this membership base are regular visitors to the website and also tend to spend time in it is the major reason Facebook is considered to be a great platform for advertising.

Things can get popular within minutes, and we have known pictures, videos and messages going viral all over Facebook in a matter of minutes. This is mainly due to the way it has been designed.

Your friends get to see the pages or photos or links that you like, and you can share with all your friends just by a single click. Facebook advertising is said to be the best advertising option available online just behind Google, and that is why advertising on Facebook is so popular.

Types of Advertising Available

There are various advertising plans available on Facebook and depending on the plan and strategy you adopt your Fb advertising cost will vary. Some of the strategies used in Facebook advertising are

  1. Cost per Click advertising is where you will pay Facebook a certain amount whenever a member clicks on your ad that has been posted . This option is also known as pay per click advertising.
  2. Cost per thousand impressions is another strategy that can be used in a Facebook advertising plan. This also works similar to cost per click strategy and the only difference is that the amount for 1000 clicks is paid upfront to Facebook.

The important fact one has to be aware of is that you will have to select a daily budget for your ads based on the maximum bid that you have placed for your ads.
For advertising space on Facebook, you will start by bidding for the space to show your ads. Once you have successfully completed the bidding process, you can decide on which strategy you are going to use and what is going to be your daily budget. Fb ads cost is greatly influenced by these factors, and if you want your ads to be visible more, you will have to go for a higher daily budget. The plans available are based on the daily budget you have to select. Lower daily budget plans are good for a start if you are tight on funding. It cost is a lot less when compared to other online advertising options.


Pros and Cons 

Can I Control the Cost?

One of the Facebook advantages in advertising is the ability for you to control the cost involved. FB ad cost management is done with the help of the daily budget option which ensures that there is a maximum amount cap that is laid on the ads thereby allowing you to keep your advertising cost under control. Achieving the balance between cost and advertising is not an easy thing to do. But with experience gained you will be able to strike the right balance sooner rather than later.

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