Ecommerce and Automation in 2020: Data And Ai

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eCommerce as a whole is something that has changed massively in the past couple of years. With many different approaches and pieces of technology being deployed as we speak, we can’t ignore the technology which is used in 2020. Data has been pointed out multiple times as the future of eCommerce, let’s analyse why.

Why eCommerce? Why Big Data?

eCommerce as a whole, especially when related to the fast fashion industry and fitness clothing in particular, has definitely been an extremely big subject within the business sphere. Examples like dropshipping and drop surfing have created and built the fortune of many young entrepreneurs worldwide and when big data started being used within the digital marketing side of things, personalization started to grow. Web personalization, in particular, is the process which relies on automatically tailoring eCommerce catalogues towards big data, which is being acquired via users’ interaction on the portal.

From A Job Market’s Perspective

Data eCommerce was the first and biggest example of machine learning’s implication within the business sphere. This is an extremely important factor to mention as it opened thousands of job positions, all related to both machine learning engineers and data scientists with eCommerce experience in both software administration and building. It has been noticed how marketing departments highly relied on hiring data specialist to both analyze, process and deliver (see above) data in the past 6 months, another massive confirmation of how impactful data for personalization has become.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Since it’s very much related to personalization as a whole, covering how the Cambridge Analytica scandal has impacted the world of data associated with the business is borderline mandatory. In 2018, the infamous British company bought 75% of Facebook’s data points (algorithmic values which associate user preferences to a specific keyword) and this resulted in a specific section of GDPR. Data is still an extremely delicate subject and, whenever any form of big data is acquired passively, it must now be stated for transparency reasons.

To Conclude

Any form of data-driven automatic processing is becoming bigger and bigger as we speak. What is the future of personalization? Are machines going to replace marketers in the nearest future? These are frequently asked questions at all levels, from blogs and magazines to boards of directors. Let us know your thoughts.

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