Choosing the right social media platform for your business

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The use of social media platforms for business purposes has many advantages. However, it is also crucial to find the right platform. Not all social media apps have the same reach and features. Let’s analyze the best strategy for choosing the right social media platform for your business.

Follow your audience

Everyone that has a mobile phone likely uses social media. That is around 5.13 billion potential customers. However, not everyone fits into your target audience. For example, if you are in the moving industry, you will only be interested in those customers who need relocation services. And, if you wish to promote your local business online, you need to do it on the same social media platforms they use.

Since we know that people mostly use a couple of different social media apps, it is a smart move to do a little survey and find out what platform is used the most.

Understand your audience

Knowing where your audience is is one thing. Understanding who they are and what their interests are is a whole other story.

To define your audience, you need to consider their age, gender, interests, and many other factors. Another smart move is to do another survey to find out why they like the social media platforms they use.

For example, if your clients like Instagram, you need to tailor the content to match that format. The share button for social media plays a crucial role because it allows your followers to share content for you. However, posting links to your website is useless because Instagram posts do not allow links. Alternatively, you can use your profile bio to provide all the important information.

Understand the social media platforms and their benefits

Using a social media platform for your business without understanding its capabilities and features will not bring any results. Since you are planning to advertise your business, you need to approach the entire process professionally. The goal is to build credibility in your industry, and it is essential to know what you are doing. Otherwise, you will spend too much time and money only to achieve mediocre results.

With that in mind, let’s analyze various social media platforms to find the best match for your business.


Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the best social media platform for building business connections. It helps you find employees for your company, but LinkedIn also connects you with potential customers. It is truly a fantastic platform to showcase your business.

If you are looking to form B2B partnerships or find B2B clients, this is the app to use.


With the current change from Facebook to Meta, we can expect great things for the future of this platform. Facebook is one of the oldest and most famous social media platforms still in use today. It offers many options, both for business and personal use.

Since the company is reshaping at the moment, we can expect new changes in both fields. One of the reasons why you should consider Facebook is because the majority of people using social media apps have an account there. It helps build loyalty and credibility.


Probably the most liked social media platform today, YouTube is a great source of fun. People use it to listen to music, watch fun videos, find tutorials about anything they need, and many other things. Having a platform to host video content for free is a true luxury in the online world.

Your company needs a business YouTube account. First, you will reduce the use of hosting space on your website. Embedding URLs is cheaper than uploading videos directly to your pages. Secondly, everyone knows about YouTube. It is safe, and it always delivers. If you wish to create employee manuals, product commercials, marketing campaign content, or anything you can think of, YouTube will be the best platform to use.


Twitter is such a powerful social media app because it allows you to directly track everything happening in the world today. Tweets happen in real-time, and that is the best way to stay informed. All viral events usually happen on Twitter first. We can look at it as the modern social media platform that shares the latest news from all over the world.


Out of all the social media platforms today, Instagram is the platform that is growing the fastest. It has such a strong user base, and it definitely has many business uses. A lot of companies even make sales via Instagram, which only shows how powerful this platform is.


The latest sensation, TikTok, focuses on short videos. While you can find pretty much everything there, it is obvious that it gives birth to many social media trends.

While it is not the first choice for a business social media platform, TikTok is the place where you will find the youngest audience. This is important to know if you want to target Gen Z customers.

Using software with social media platforms

Integrating software and social media platforms is a crucial move. One of the most important pieces of software for any business is customer relationship management software. It allows you to track purchases and keep a database of customer information. When choosing a social media platform, make sure that the combination of CRM and social media is possible. You want the best of both worlds together.

How to find the best CRM?

While there are many CRM platforms to choose from, you need to consider your industry first. Some platforms are built for specific needs. If we look at our previous example of running a moving company, MoversTech CRM would be the best, most specialized choice. This is mostly because the software focuses on the specific needs of relocation companies.

In that manner, you need to understand your industry goals. Look for a CRM platform that delivers exactly what your business requires.

Choosing the right social media platform for your business explained

As you can see, it is crucial to follow a few steps to determine the best social media platform:

  • define your audience and know where they are;
  • understand your business and set company goals;
  • learn about different social media platforms and their benefits;
  • combine social media with useful software to boost your business.

Choosing the right social media platform for your business will take time, but be patient. Do not rush through this process, and remember to focus on one platform at a time. Once you master one, you can start working on the others.

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