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Have you ever wondered if there’s anything you have done or thought of that no one in the whole world has done or thought of before? You must have googled it. And you came to the conclusion: No, there isn’t. For everything you want to do, buy, make, learn, there is someone in the world who wants or does the same. More often than not, there are many identical queries and just as many results in the search results pages. So, how do you achieve that your content comes out on top? Well, you have certainly googled that! So, you must have noticed that the latest marketing tool is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. But, what is that? And what are the advanced SEO techniques for small businesses you can use to make your small business thrive in the search results of Google pages? We’ll try to explain throughout the article.

SEO 101

The first few things about Google algorithm you need to know are – it is very complex, it keeps on learning, and it changes constantly. So, you cannot fool it. Google measures all kinds of different things, and if your website is not good enough, it simply won’t show on the first page of search results. And, about 75% of people don’t look past the first page of google search. So, when you start reading about SEO and SEO techniques, or SEO techniques for small businesses, you will read these few things in every article that exists:

  • You need valuable and quality content
  • Build strong and high-quality links
  • Pay attention to finding a good semantic keyword

That is why it is important that you understand all these terms in-depth, that you invest in professional help, and there are many, many advantages of hiring a professional copywriter. For a very simple reason – if you don’t have what people are looking for, and your content isn’t beautifully written – people won’t come to your website, or if they do, they won’t stay on it for long. And your website certainly won’t be recommended by a High Authority site. And that is #goals.

Keeping up with trends

Small businesses and SEO

When you have a small business or you’re just getting started, you need something that will help you quickly. And SEO tools are a part of a long-term strategy. Which is fine, and you will want to invest in them, but is there some advertising solution that will create an efficient impact for your company? Aside from boosting your profiles and banner placement, you can look into PPC advertising. It stands for Pay Per Click advertising, and it’s quite self-explanatory. Whatever the core of your business is, this tool can help. For instance, if you are in the moving business, and you need affordable PPC marketing assistance for movers, you don’t need to look further. These guys can help you with this.

After the initial blow

So, what you need to do in the beginning, after you’ve made all the short-term advertising moves you could think of, is to start thinking long-term and in-depth. So, the first thing is kind of logical – you need to perform an SEO Audit on your website. Which means you need to understand why you’re not getting enough traffic. You need to examine your site performance, set new goals based on your findings, and implement a new tactic for achieving these goals. Try to make the best with what you have. Read all the tips for success in a new business you can find. You never know what will spark an idea that will help you.

Drawn people

Understand what people need

You need to understand what people search for and try to optimize your content for it. Try to get feedback whereever you can, and then you will be able to create more valuable content that will increase your traffic. Try to use all the platforms you can, e.g. Quora. Listen to what people are directly telling you through the comments on your posts. Check the most popular pages in Google Analytics. Look through the social media platforms – follow on which posts you get the most shares and engagement. Don’t underestimate people’s needs, for they are what you need to answer to. No amount of SEO techniques for small businesses will help you if you don’t have an understanding of your target audience. 

Current trends in Advanced SEO techniques for small businesses

Some of the things we have mentioned are timeless and have been known for a while now. But what are those current trends in SEO techniques for small businesses you need to keep an eye for?

Prioritize your mobile site

Times are changing, and Google keeps up. It even sets the trends. You should know that prioritizing your site for mobile-first indexing is happening whether you like it or not. People are using mobiles more than desktops, and Google has been migrating towards mobile-first indexing since March. You shouldn’t forget about SEO for desktop computers though, this just means that your mobile version will be ranked preferentially to your desktop version. That means you need to create a responsive site and content with mobiles in mind.

Voice search on chalk board

Optimize for voice search 

Voice search is getting more popular every day. And you need to calculate this in your SEO strategy. Because people that use voice search have different habits from those that are still using text searching. They use full sentences and many more words than with text searching. 

Use topic clusters and not keywords

SEO is evolving, and using a simple keyword just doesn’t cut it anymore. Now, everyone is shifting to a topic cluster model. Topic clusters will help you target your audience better. You will achieve greater visibility for search engines and ultimately rank higher in the relevant search queries. 

Build a strong backlinks profile

You need to build a strong backlinks profile because Google values links the most while determining search rank. But not any link is a good backlink. It can’t be only in the comment section or paid. It needs to be organic and come as a result of high-quality content. Which is why you should consider hiring professional copywriters or enjoy the benefits of guest blogging for growing businesses. 

Think locally

If you consider everything we told you, you will realize you need to understand your audience to get higher traffic on your website. And you certainly need to understand that people mostly need local information. So, if you want to stay profitable, you need to consider local SEO and listings. 

Final thoughts

The topic of SEO advertising is very broad and complex. You need to look up all the different things to obtain higher web traffic, and ultimately more profit. There are many Advanced SEO techniques for small businesses you can apply, and we have given you some of the most important ones.

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