6 Social Media Marketing Trends to Consider In 2016

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6 Social Media Marketing Trends to Consider In 2016

The huge part of online marketing is about what the consumer needs and wants to hear. The first three split seconds are immediately relevant and interesting, to avoid being boring. If your content is boring, consumers will never hesitate to use the ad-blocker browser extension.

Ad-blockers are a result of approximately $22 billion (R347,35 billion) loss in revenue for publishers, according to PageFair. There are over 198 million active ad-block users in the world.

Planning and implementing an online strategy to engage much effectively will play a key role in your visibility. You need to adapt to the growing tech trends and the way consumers digest information. Here are 6 social media marketing trends you can’t afford to miss out in 2016.


  1. Say hello to Virtual Reality

The first time I tried out Virtual Reality I immediately got mind blown away, at the Tech Lab Accelerator – 2015, hosted by Barclays Africa in Cape Town.

With this tech, you get to be part of the game you’re playing, you practically get lost in a world with only ‘bots, machines and heavy future armour… Point is, Virtual Reality is a superb concept for your products and services. Technology such as Oculus Rift later bought out by Facebook for $2 billion (R31,58 billion), will have an enormous impact on how brands communicate with consumers.

The personalization of consumer content in 3D virtual experience will be a big thing in 2016. Think about how you can provide customers with a 360-degree immersive story through visual content.

Virtual tours, one-on-one engagement and interactive and immersive commercials are just a few ways marketing will likely shift in the near future via the use of virtual reality.

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Envision introducing Virtual Reality to Tourism companies, including a 3D virtual video shared with your consumers, a one-on-one interactive engagement and immersive commercials are just a few out of many ways of future marketing.


  1. The 21st-century search engine

No offence, but most of us use Bing to search for Google, and sometimes we use Yahoo too. We’re now seeing Facebook including a mix of special features that could soon embrace a huge challenge to the top three search engine giants. Google has dominated the search market for over a decade, however, Facebook (pages) could just be on another online impact with its call-to-action buttons and payment messaging.

Users join groups and like pages every day; join social discussions and engage with online brands while chatting with friends on Facebook. Marketing is improvised with the society in an all-in-one platform for the web and professionals as l.a seo experts are leaders in managing these trends and becoming good at it.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow brands to create digital experiences. Leverage the importance of online engagement.


  1. A step-up for Snapchat and Periscope

Brands that embrace platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope are going the right direction. Push instant content, shorter and briefer yet crushing your expected demands.

Everything is happening on the go and consumers are strapped to their screens for a certain time, because of online marketing tactics. Since time is an essence, good brands know what time to post in order to reach their target market.

Both Snapchat and Periscope provide unique peeks into brands that consumers feel connected to while satisfying their avid cravings for new and unique content.


  1. The power of marketing automation

According to Stephen R. Covey, author of the number one selling book “7 habits of highly effective people”, you should not try to be better than your competitor, but you should analyse what you do and what they do. And with a profound strategy, introduce a product or service that the people need and want.

The above applies to marketing automation, delegate to your team, lead and go about with informative content.

There are plenty of platforms for marketing automation, it’s all about choosing the one that’ll make it easier for you and your customers. Improved email marketing includes email tracking and built-in reports, a proponent to consider in 2016.

  1. Location-based marketing growth

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter give you the option to select the location when advertising. Be wise when delivering content directly to or near the point of engagement.

Use Bluetooth technology, you can use push notifications to nearby devices, enticing the attention of your target audience.

With marketing automation, consider targeting a much larger audience than your actual target market, it’s rather safer to have more consumers than no consumer at all.

According to Forbes contributor, Sujan Patel, Analysts estimate that beacons, acting as hubs, will be deployed all over airports and transit stations to easily send out notifications on departures, delays and passenger assignments. Later this year we’ll be seeing Bluetooth beacons being deployed in the smart home and at large tech event venues.

Consumer and brand engagement will have more insight promoted and engaged with due to Bluetooth technology and marketing growth.

Push marketing delayed the web market in previous years and phone manufacturers lacked to support. The tables have turned, brands have options of reliable and cost-effective solutions to push location based marketing growth.


  1. Step-up your relationship marketing status

Last week I read an article about Absa being independent to Barclays Africa and sent a tweet to Absa with a question. Absa tweet back in about an hour and my query was answered.  

If Absa hadn’t replied, it would’ve been a relationship flop for their online marketing, hence, because they responded and their consumers saw the engagement, they too can communicate their trusted queries online. Relationship marketing is a strategy more banks and businesses are picking up on in order to adopt better customer loyalty, as well as improved long-term engagement.

There’s no barrier to entry in the market, social media has opened a gateway for start-ups to level engagement with the market. While a brand can broaden their reach, community, engagement and brand, social media has all the perfect platforms to personalise your relationship marketing status.

According to Entrepreneur, An estimation of 2 billion consumers is expected to own smartphones in 2016.

A consumer with an everyday internet connection provides the means to directly engage with that individual. Every smartphone is an opportunity for good relationship marketing.  

Through social media applications, you can build a stronger loyalty program and foster long-term engagement based on an emotional consumer connection, not just a connection because you want to sell something.

Engage with trust, honesty and interest. Don’t just market, educate. Invest the time in building marketing relationships and watch your business prosper.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Unpacking businesses and then creating elegant digital solutions is a passion. I actually can’t help myself at times, analysing people’s business and creating answers to questions they have not even asked.

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