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A Word Abou Us

Inside Man is a digital marketing company that has been involved in a number of successful campaigns, with a number of clients both influential and small business. We at InsideMan Media pride ourselves in offering our clients only the best and nothing else.

  • Brian Mawdsley is the perfect example of an excellent business man. He is fantastic in his job and always puts everybody else’s needs before his. He very meticulous in his work as are the team he instructs.  Inside Man Media is the best social media company around. They are very reliable and they work fast and precise. They are also clued up with the latest trends and fashions on all social media platforms. What a great team!  
    Frikkie Janse van Rensburg
  • Brian is always a pleasure to work with and nothing is too much trouble for Brian, I once asked Brian to find out about a venue in which to hold a function. No sooner had I asked and Brian had organised the venue and even had complimentary cocktails sponsored. Brian is a mover and shaker and always my first choice of go to person whenever I am conducting business or events in Cape Town. I guess you could even call him my wingman when flying in Cape Town. Thanks again Brian.
    Rich Simmonds
    Leadership and Sales Relationship Coach
  • I have worked with Brian and inside Man for over 2 years now. As convenor and founder of the NPC Music Exchange, Brian and his team has got stuck in helping the social media aspect of the event for the last 2 years and will again be involved in 2017.  The team are hard working, polite and a pleasure to deal with and impart knowledge in a friendly and informative way.  I highly recommend Inside Man
    Martin Myers
    Music Exchange
  • In the last year I’ve had the opportunity and absolute privilege of working with Brian Mawdsley and by extension, his team at Insideman Media. They are the undoubted leaders in an ever growing digital spectrum. With every interaction to date, I was left inspired and thoroughly captivated on their methods of delivering unparalleled quality service. As someone who constantly evaluates various forms of quality in the market place, I can put my professional brand behind the following statement “Brian Mawdsley and his team will add a layer of success to any business the likes of which they have never experienced before”. I will personally not run large scale projects moving forward without the involvement of Insideman Media. Increase your odds of growing from strength to strength with Brian and his team.
    Andre Prins
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We've been involved in a number of successful campaigns over the past year, with a number of clients both influential and small business. On your right are some of our recent successes, as it's our motto at InsideMan Media to offer you the best of the best no matter how big or small you are.


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